Faith based

…the charity I’m interviewing at today is faith-based.  That doesn’t necessarily mean bad, not at all, as I know from personal experience, but I’m hitting the pause button on my enthusiasm until I understand a bit more.

456 words yesterday.  77.5k words so far. JUST TEN K MORE and I can go on vacation and start the next one o doodie.

Judy Carne is dead.  She was a lively critter.

Tomorrow Queen Elizabeth II will be the longest reigning British Monarch.  I used to think she was awesome, but I’ve grown out of colonialism.

Confessions of a word geek. I was going to use rebarbative in a sentence, had an attack of common sense, and looked it up. I had a strong memory (alas, false) of having seen this word in Patrick O’Brian’s works, in the context of deeply restorative, as in sleep, or a cuppa. Well, no.

Rebarbative means repellent. So I’m thinking, O. Crap. What was that word?? It’s not like I can scan the entire oeuvre looking for it, unless I have nothing else planned today. Or tomorrow.

Okay, maybe it starts with rebor- rather than rebar-. So I start mashing keys, and eventually Google resentfully hurls up roborative, and now… well I was awake anyway. But if I HAD had more sleep, I’m sure it would have been roborative.