these people are armatures

So anyways I’m getting to that point where I’m starting to think about self-publishing and e-publishing, and I start looking for help on line, regarding formatting and such. A sentence from one of these articles, apparently from a self-publishing guru, goes like this:

“I don’t want to get into the importance of your cover and how it plays a HUGE role in the reader’s choice of book, or how it should look good big and as a thumbnail on the Amazon page, or how most users can pic an armature cover from a mile away.”

Okay buddy whatevs.



344 words

I realized that my opening scene needs more justice (I mean, what’s the point of carrying a tired old flag for social justice non-combatants without anyway you know what I mean).  Okay off to twitter to unload that 140 characters, back now.

Madawaska next week.  I’m supposed to be here this weekend.  I do not believe I’ll be going to Anita’s memorial service though as I am still in talks with mOm about visiting.  I JUST HATE THE BUS SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH and I’m not asking for a lift because Mr.2 is not a good candidate for a highway trip right now and my last rental was 250 bucks so unless I’m getting a lift with Paul I’m not coming ‘cross the Salish Sea anytime soon.

I am so pissed off.  I could have been a stand up comic at 11, but I was too busy reading Harlan Ellison and watching moon landings.