Jeff is the best

Today off to Paul’s to clean for the musical evening (invite yo’se’f – if you’re needing an address ping me) and get some food underway. Yesterday a nice walk on the new end of Westminster Quay with same and then a stop in at Galloways for bean salad ingredients. Only 200 words so far today but progress is progress.

Very happy with the latest tune, too. I have almost completely flipped over to composing instrumentals; I’ve lost interest in listening to myself sing. Lovely long chat with Carrie today, it was so good to hear her voice. Oh, and some other things. Sue put me in front of a job opening and I applied and I have an interview Tuesday morning, thank you Sue.

BrO found the source of the ‘something is dead’ smell and my gratitude is as powerful as the smell. So blessed by love and friendship

  Feeling hopeful!