What the hell is wrong with some people

Huckabee says Dred Scott is still the law of the land in the US.  It’s like the 14th amendment didn’t happen.  W T F?

Jim Wright, in response to a completely different discussion said, and I quote:


Wrong. Utterly and completely wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. You’re wrong. You couldn’t be more wrong. You’re the creamy filling of wrongness in the middle of the wrong donut with brightly colored sprinkles of wrongness on top. You’re wrong.


There is a two sentence discussion regarding free will in the second book in the trilogy I’m working on.  The human knows there’s no free will, and the alien provides a semantic argument in support of it, which is me being an ass, since it’s a recapitulation of an argument I had with my mother, for whom I’m writing the novels.

My mOm is science-y in that she buys the deterministic model. I’m hand-wave-y but I know I’m wrong.  I’m filled with resentment about being wrong and I know I’ll be a better person when I take my spoonful of “there’s no free will” meds every morning until I’m cured. I’m going to get the giant economy size, this may take a while.

Here’s a nice long talk about free will, and how there ain’t none.  There are many thought provoking implications for theology and jurisprudence.

And here’s an article which is pretty much where I am with self-help nowadays.

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One thought on “What the hell is wrong with some people”

  1. Excellent self help article. So glad I never gave in to the therapy Koolaid. It always appeared to be a waste of time and a new bunch of words to throw in other peoples’ faces, instead of doing the real work of being an honest human being. Honesty can be incredibly difficult to take.
    Especially I have been disappointed in the way that ALL of our news coverage has become emotional, instead of fact oriented, since 9/11. Our entire civilization has been willing to invest in the coverup of what happened that day. It has not really helped anyone be a better human being. It has helped people feel self entitled, because you never know which breath may be your last.

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