Carl Beijer, “This is what I see in liberal journalists who call themselves feminists, but who only care about the problems of rich women: a toxic blend of apathy for their comrades and ambition for themselves. If America, as Steinbeck supposedly put it, is a land of “temporarily embarrassed millionaires”, liberal journalism is an industry of temporarily embarrassed executive editors, would-be Jill Abramsons who are fine with laying off hundreds of women as long as they’re the ones who get to do it.

Above is from Avedon Carol’s website, which I highly recommend if you’re into fantasy, feminism and awesome writing.

I had a slack day yesterday. Started on the Expanse novel Cibola Burn. I LOVE AMOS, HIS ATTITUDE IS THE BEST.  “I am a killer but I will stay with people who have moral agency and they will point me at the right people when the killin’ starts.” Also he’s funny.

If I thought I could even get close to this restaurant today I’d go, but oh well, happy Cinco de Mayo Taqueria Playa Tropical, you make the best Mexican food I ever et north of the 49th.

Instead, I’ll be having a pre mother’s day meal at Planet Bachelor with the immediate fam and Jeff if he feels like coming.

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