850 words on a new story “The Invoice”

Mike invited me to the beach today and I can’t go because I have a housefilk to go to this afternoon.  I’m a bit choked candidly.  I’m thinking of my social life of late (“Ten percent of nothin’ is, let me do the math here… nothin’ and a nothin’, carry the nothin’… ” comes to mind) and of course two big events in one day. One involves carrying Otto down the Numberless Stairs of Ts’ats’lhm (like holy fuck, if that isn’t a fantasy story title of great white entitlement, since that is as far as I have determined to date the Skwomish name for Wreck) while I ask my guardian spirits to prevent me from having a) a dizzy spell b) leg cramps c) oopsydaisy trip and destroy Otto d) an encounter with a profoundly altered and antisocial half naked man when I’m finally RELAXED and who doesn’t know that I’ve promised myself that the next half naked fucked up guy who bugs me is going to get clownsprayed (see my twitter feed for what that’s all about) e) you get the idea


I can get a ride to Tom and Peggy’s and commune with a cheering proportion of my favourite filkers, although I’ll have to take my own beer.


Hafalda is Kima’s ‘approved name’ in Iceland. Half an hour of research yielded nothing closer to Benthesikyma, and now I’m rolling around in glosses of translations.

Saw Keith and Paul yesterday and went for a little walk in the neighbourhood.


later… found the reference.

xwayxway = Mask place = Lumbermans Arch. Elksn = Point of land = Point Grey. Ts’ats’lhm = cold place = Wreck Beach. P’e’kwcha = Flat back = Spanish Banks. kwekw7u’pay’ = Lots of wild crab apple trees = Locarno Beach. Uy’a’l’mexw = Good Land = Jericho Beach. i7iy’al’mexw = Good Camping Ground = Eastern Jericho Beach. xepxpay’em = Having red Cedar = Kits Beach.


One of my facebook friends may lose her house to a wildfire in Gold Bar WA. That’s a two hour drive away.  The future is yellow skies and ash.

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