Cimex lectularius

ain’t hilarious.  They turned up at Planet Bachelor, which is grisly, mostly because the landlords are being dipstacks, but now the boiz r  not going to Nita and Mike’s wedding and they say I can go, but I  haven’t planned for it (I need a lot of mental preparation) and I’m not happy about being given the choice. Which just shows I’m a little teetery on the totter these days.

Made a very nice spaghetti with chicken the other night, plus some more ice tea, plus trimmed Buster’s claws.

He has excellent claw control 99% of the time but jumped up on me this morning and popped his claws languidly into my thigh. I leaped up with him under my arm, conveyed him to the bog, trimmed him and then he ambled out into the kitchen for his treat.  I’ve never met a cat who was so crazy and so chill at the same time.  Love me some Buster.

God I want The Expanse to come back SO BAD. Mr. Robot is back, but I’m going walking with Paul in Oakalla, so I’m thinking it will be after that.

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