New handle on life

I am taking it as a sign that Jeff’s window crank assembly for the MR2 has appeared.  Isn’t it time we ALL got a new handle on life?

The drive to the ferry, ferry ride (and nommy brekky), bonus hilarious interaction with other ferry rider, drive back home (except the Alex Fraser which was a fussed-her-cluck turning a five minute section of roadway into almost 45 minutes of drudge), car drop off and return were all perfectly acceptable, and now I’m making lists.

I know it doesn’t mean a damned thing to most of you, but my mother made me tea this morning.  I am so happy she’s more mobile and in less pain (mostly…) that I’ve got tears in my eyes just thinking about it.  And Exchange was playing on  the sound system in the Pacific Buffet.  Some people might call it easy listening but it’s an important part of my life, it’s family music.

Things I learned this weekend.

Bull kelp gets that big in a single year.  It akshully grows faster than bamboo.

If you don’t reset your mirrors in your rental car, you’re gonna be sorry.  I nearly killed some poor dude on a bike at the Nanaimo ferry, and my hand to God I’m never getting in a car without fixing the mirrors again. The finger he gave me was richly deserved.

The first time you get in a car you’re going to be the principal driver of, find out how to put gas in it.  There are a bewildering number of ways to engineer a fuelling system, and it’s always on, like, page one hundred of the f*****g manual.

My agent at Avis was once riding at night on a motorcycle, struck by a car with a drunken driver, and flew like a Tom and Jerry cartoon (his words, not mine) into a trash can, which of course fell over so he rolled out. He didn’t even see the guy who hit him, who compounded his stupidity in driving drunk by not bothering to even put running lights on.

People apologize for things that are trivial and sit out the tough ones. How I learned that I’m gonna stay quiet about.

I really love the Comox Valley and I want to go live there.


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