So the Lunderbake of 2017 is underway, and here’s me and Jeff C tandem playing dulcimers.

There were so many lovely moments yesterday, herewi(s)h a string of pearls..

  • hovering over Peggy’s phone and looking a pictures of newborn twins – yes she is now a gran 4 times over!
  • talking to Jeff C about Elon Musk’s plan to end the reign of gasoline engines
  • Many necessary hugs with his lady wife Jeri Lynn
  • Noodling on dulcimer with Jeri Lynn noodling along on BETSY – ALL OF THE CELLO LOVE
  • The phenom smells from 8 hours of baking
  • Two meals, curried squash soup and butter chicken and veg
  • Jeri Lynn saying that it’s nice to go where your wifi just works
  • WHERE IS OTTO ??? Shad being appalled I didn’t bring him “We’re on a break” and “I think I know who the new baby is”
  • Shad pulling out 40 Million Light Years, which I wrote, and she had the lyrics and I didn’t
  • shame, not shamed, it was ossum that fucking chorus is one of the best I ever wrote in terms of immediate appeal and singability
  • Me describing to Jeff C how I grabbed the underloved Buffy characters to write filks for
  • I can talk about fanfic without anybody blanching. Get recs.
  • Maple syrup shortbread cookies. I’m glad I’m not a man, I would have overloaded my trews.
  • Finding out that my dulcimer is not weird, but it isn’t common
  • Messing with tunings
  • sadface, called Mike but he was in for the night
  • GOT A JOB INTERVIEW (it’s an agency, but even so) for Monday morning while I was there

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