Katie and Alex over briefly yesterday so Katie could trim my hair for the job interview. I briefly considered dyeing me hairs and just as swiftly folded the idea away.

Katie then took to me church for the bake sale. To thank Peggy for her hospitality  over the past weekend I volunteered for table duty.

As soon as I sat down the woman I was sharing duties with said, and I quote, “What are you doing here?”

My response was a stunned, “Can I assume from that that you don’t want me here?”

She mumbled something and we ignored each other for the next hour. She got up and left, and I stayed.

Numbers of other people, including Ivy (who’s 90 this year God love her) and Rob and Marylke and Jean and Laura came by and hugged me and said they were glad to see me, but picture if you will how I literally had to steel myself in advance to go and…. well….

I spent twenty dollars on treats. I am putting them out a little at a time…

I made contact with someone who heard my plans for a parody TedX talk with great amusement and who can actually get me into the venue to film if I want to so I was like WAAAAA HOOOOO

After church, until after supper, we went back to the Lunders and there was very little filking, we mostly talked. It was very interesting and we talked a lot about intersectionality but I sure would have enjoyed seeing more of the Jeri Lynn & Jeffsters

Day before that singing and playing and eating at the Lundervilles…..


In a few hours I’ll be getting on a bus and going to a job interview unless I can coax Jeff into giving me a lift in his BRAND NEW USED RAV4 yes Jeff purchased a car. I’m pleased he got the car he researched as being his best option but one always has feels for such a big ticket item.

19674 is word count

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