Saving this for later

Lydia Netzer said ask your readers this


1. At what point did you feel like “Ah, now the story has really begun!”
2. What were the points where you found yourself skimming?
3. Which setting in the book was clearest to you as you were reading it? Which do you remember the best?
4. Which character would you most like to meet and get to know?
5. What was the most suspenseful moment in the book?
6. If you had to pick one character to get rid of, who would you axe?
7. Was there a situation in the novel that reminded you of something in your own life?
8. Where did you stop reading, the first time you cracked open the manuscript? (Can show you where your first dull part is, and help you fix your pacing.)
9. What was the last book you read, before this? And what did you think of it? (This can put their comments in context in surprising ways, when you find out what their general interests are. It might surprise you.)
10. Finish this sentence: “I kept reading because…”

full heart full mind full belly

Someone bought MMCo, but 10 someones bought Upsun, so me happy.

Moveable feast at ‘the last house on the right’ aka Tom and Peggy’s, in which Katie made the dinner and then brought it to Tom and Peggy’s. Paul, Kate, Keith, Alex and I were in attendance.


It was absolutely wonderful to see everyone, and I only wish Jeff could have been there to enjoy it, but he would have been ensconced with pOp watching the Superb Owl AND YAY THE EAGLES WON seriously I was thrilled when I heard that.

#amediting Colin permitted himself the mental image of his grandmother, always a big fan of zombie movies, noisily rising from her grave at the state of her flowerbeds.