beta readers

woot my Dutch beta reader is getting back to me soon.

Well, none of YOU volunteered to read my porn novel; mOm only did because I jammed plot for the wider series arc into it and she will devour anything with Sweetie in it. (tell me I’m wrong ma) Not, perhaps, the wisest artistic decision I ever made in light of current events …. But one that I feel will be richly attested to by history as a wise decision, because if this sucker ever gets made into TV I want gay love “between a genderqueer person and a guy whose orientation goes from straight to ‘huh, I never thought of that’ to ‘extremely accommodating'” baked into its DNA.

I never thought, when I wrote that first line about Slider in the first book that this was the turn their character would take.

But damn it, it is so very cute and fluffy and angsty and OBVIOUS. Which is the look I was going for.