more fambly fun

Keith (driving in the snow….) took me and Paul to TRIUMF yesterday for a tour. YES I WENT TO A CYCLOTRON and Keith bought a hat.

Here are the pics. The clean room, Know These Alarms, a cabinet full of Xantrex Power Supply manuals, and a stencilled word which got more comments on facebook yesterday than I’m used to… well I thought it was funny.

The man giving the tour had such a remarkable haircut that I was tempted to take a picture of him for the sole purpose of mocking him, which is mean, even for me, so I refrained, and I am satisfied that the prospect of your shocked amusement upon viewing what was quite possibly the strangest non-wig, non-hairpiece performance art you would ever see was still not enough to motivate me to take and subsequently share his picture.

His opening spiel was a blinking “HOLY SHIT is this how many people turn up for a tour when I put it a day ahead on the Vancouver subreddit?” (I paraphrase, as my son will furiously hasten to insist that I say.) There were forty of us. Not a lot of roooooom on the catwalks.

It was noisy, it was industrial, there was liquid nitrogen making cute little puffs of vapour, there were yellow concrete blocks assembled like legos in two storey piles, it was awesome.