no words today

Yesterday I want to the demonstration for Tina Fontaine. I’m really sick at heart about how many FNMI kids end up in care, and feel worse about how many of them die. I feel worst of all that a homeless white guy who confessed is more important than the FNMI teen he killed.

There were anywhere between 450 and 600 people there at any given time. I showed up late and left early (before the march down Granville), but I was there for a while. Thanks brOJeff for loaning me your folding stool – it’s really proven a godsend when you’re in sit/stand/mill about situations like demos and long waits to get into venues.

I think Margot has an infected anal gland. I expressed about a teaspoon of horrific glop out this am and I finally put her back down when the volume of her screeching was too deafening. Pet ownership, it’s a real trip.