editing and writing, writing and editing

To my disgust, the book I’m working on is shrinking, and SOTW is getting even bigger – at this point I need to knock some verbiage out but it just keeps getting longer and I’m a teensy bit frustrate.

SOTW is about 1/4 edited now and HOTM is just under 34K but every time I write something I take something out. It may get much, much shorter and then expand outward again.

I’VE BEEN GETTING NOTHING BUT MAJOR ARCANA FOR DAY SIGNS. THE LAST SIX DAYS the Fool, Justice, The World, Death, The Devil and the Hierophant (I never get the Hierophant). It is creeping me out.

I light a candle for all the people I know who are suffering extremes of mental health problems, specifically depression.