There are only four people on earth I hope to hear from on Valentine’s day and I heard from three of them so I’m feeling pretty okay this morning.

Also had a convo with one of them yesterday that was so amazing it is probably going to make me feel cheerful for a week. Or maybe it’s the new Vitamin D I switched to.

Despite me feelin cheerful I still want to bail on writing today and go binge on Altered Carbon. It’s SOOOOO clichéd (that darned Bill Gibson and that damned Ridley Scott) but I’d watch buffed-up Joel Kinnamon (whose chops I first recognized when we watched The Killing all those years ago) back up to a microphone and fart the Overture of the Burrito’s Opera so it’s all good.

Just told Jeff that’s what I want to do and I got the nod of approval.

36213 – so don’t think I haven’t been writing. Just wrote a scene in which Jesse lies his ass off to Michel in a good cause. (If we’re talking about getting the band back together).