fill that bucket

I have put together a letter for a friend, started another letter to my former mother-in-common-law, spent the night at the Aerie (Mike cooked, steak tacos Juarez street cart style which is seasoned meat dressed with 2/3 fine/coarse chopped sweet white onion (which I’ll have you know I volunteered for, chopping wise, and Mike cheerfully handed the loathèd task off to me with thanks) / 1/3 chopped coriander.) Slept like I was getting paid to, it was remarkable. AND there was the Starbucks hot chocolate and Avalon milk to make it with in the morning and the leftover homestyle nachos from the night before.

Damn it was good. I guess a paragraph describing it kinda gives it away.

Roared back here at 9:30 to feed cats and go to Science World with Keith and Katie and Alex and it was remarkably nice, really. I enjoyed it and Alex did too until he got supremely crabby and we thought about ice cream but I just said “Alex first; if he needs to go home and nap like you say, that’s what he needs.” Since Katie was trending that way that’s what we did but Katie got a couple of pics.

No I am not writing. But I feel so fucking cheerful you just wouldn’t believe it.


look at it


great, I have a migraine.

shutting down for now, my visual field is being eaten by a pulsating heart shaped dragon and I should probably go soak in epsom salts or something