RIP Miss Margot

Yesterday morning around 8 Miss Margot came into my room, breathing stertorously, and thought about jumping up onto my bed. I encouraged her, but she turned around and walked back out again. Fifteen minutes later I picked her up. She seemed to be fine.

Around 9:45 Jeff found her in distress under Granny’s old dining room table, and she passed within a minute.

She had been to the vet on the first of March and received a clean bill of health. Nothing about her appetite, movement, vision or sleep would indicate that there was the slightest thing wrong with her. It happened so fast it’s hard to believe it was anything but a cardiovascular incident.

She rests, in the blue corduroy mandolin bag I got from Jim and Diane, with all the other cats in the yard; Bounce, and Gizmo, and Eddie, and Zeek!, and Kira. What a surprise the guys who dig out the yard when this house comes down are going to get.

She was born by caesarian section on December 13, 2008, and named after the veterinary technician who assisted with the delivery. Peter, a coworker, acquired her from Scaaty Cat cattery in Victoria, but she proved to be too poopy for his partner, who couldn’t deal with having to mop up after her.

I saw a picture of her when she was 14 weeks old. I’ve never fallen in love with an animal’s picture before, but I went insane with BABY MUST HAVE BABY and messaged Peter with how cute she was.

For $250 I acquired her – Peter was about to take her back to the breeder and I said NO.

When I get my shit together I’ll put together a memorial page.

Jeff’s distress is great. I just feel numb, and still sore from Saturday.

Keith and Mike came over yesterday to comfort us, and they did, which is all you can expect from friends. Paul, who was markedly fond of her, will have hugs an sadness for me too I imagine when he returns from Seattle.

Keith finally showed off his zweihander. That is a big sword. I should make him a scabbard.


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Sometime around 8:00 this morning I wrote this, the tune is the one from earlier this week.

Margot’s Song

I have gone where my friends are waiting

Don’t you worry ‘bout me

And it’s not like I could forget you

Or you forget about me


You will miss me lots

Wish it wasn’t so

When I fill your thoughts

I was here a moment ago


My old dish is back in the cupboard

And my grave’s in the yard

Your old heart isn’t made of rubber

And you’re taking this hard


All the love you felt for me

Will never go away

It’s in the universe we made between us

and it is here to stay


I have gone where my friends are waiting

Don’t you worry ‘bout me

And it’s not like I could forget you

Or you forget about me