stupor and vapour

I think I may be able to lever myself out of my fog of the past week.

Took a SHIRTSLEEVES WALK in the sun at the Quay with Paul; sang and played for a while after. Current song that we’re working on (me with gestures, Paul with trying not to howl with laughter). Please note that I realized I have never learned a moose song, and given that I am  very FOND of moose this was something up with which, etc. We also worked on some other tuneage, but worked through Me and Bill a few times. Looking forward to playing it for Jim and Jan, who introduced us to the song.

Saw Alex and Katie briefly, as they were coming in as I was leaving Planet Bachelor; they also had Suzanne in tow, which was lovely. I could have stayed for supper but went home and made flatbread with rosemary instead, with olives on the side.

Of course did I remember to ask Katie when we are going to Victoria next? NOOOO because I’m a dodohead