so long facebook I mostly enjoyed it

Sent to my facebook friends, all 280 odd of ’em.

I’m in the process of deleting this account; I’ve started downloading my ravings over the last decade or so just in case there’s something in there worth stealing for something else. I tried doing it before, but the latest news from Facebook is like going to the doctor and being told to change or die. Or it’s like being yelled at by Uncle Moshe that the Nazis will kill every Jew in Vienna and the cold blast of fear that shoots down your back when you’re finally believing him.
It’s realizing that we ‘made’ this dystopia because somebody good-looking held a door open and we walked into it, unaware that through that door was an entirely colonized future. If we complain about this state of affairs, we may be asked “Well – what did you expect for free?” which, like all colonialism, ignores that we are actually having items and data stolen from us, ‘for free’, which remains theft, even if you scandalize capitalism and fail to charge for noticing it.
Damn me if I don’t draw a line somewhere.
Filkers will see me when I’m flush enough and feel safe enough to travel.
Anybody on my FL in Vancouver (or Victoria or Seattle) can pretty much drop by for tea anytime with a couple of hours’ warning.
Family, hey there.
If you like what or how I write, I have almost fifteen years of almost daily blog posts and a rather daunting amount of ‘collected material’ on many subjects squirrelled away at I’m me at gmail. I suck Greyhound Bus Terminal men’s room floor mops at texting, so email me if you feel like it.
I have learned many interesting things from you all, and I will miss your friendship and companionship, sympathy and course corrections. I will miss you documenting your slide into debilitating illness without turning into a horrible person, and I will miss your aptitude for bringing me things I found genuinely interesting and enlivening, your encounters with critters, the hours and battering hours spent framing social justice concepts. The food, you great load of swine. The Food.
I mean no offense to any of my swine-avoidant friends, and they’re long past the eyeroll stage anyway.
I’m angry, but I’ll do my best to be kind.
As a coda to this, for my fellow literary sf fans. Is there another fan out there who thinks that the Demopol in Herbert’s The Dosadi Experiment feels similar to what Facebook has morphed into? PPS still think it would make a bad ass movie.