I love how (especially since Homicide and Buffy the Vampire Slayer) music is more intelligently integrated into contemporary TV, making emotional highs and lows even more so.

I hate how, despite reams of angry shit written about it, teleplay writers keep using stupid, racist, trite words like ‘off the reservation’ and ‘on the warpath’ and ‘warpaint’ and ‘cotton pickin’ mind’ and BLEEEESH just stop it.

Lovely singing and playing at Planet Bachelor yesterday. We worked on “Me and Bill”, Tweetweetwee, and diverse other choons. I’ve actually left Otto there to facilitate singin’ and playin’

I left my phone and the stuff Keith retrieved for me there, oh well I have a key and can get it anytime.

It was also lovely to see and talk to Keith for a while. He is such a cool dude.