omnibus post

Third season of The Last Kingdom is shooting, we’ll see it in the fall on Netflix. Bernard Cornwell, the writer of the novels, is going to get a cameo in this season, and he said, most sweetly, that he hopes Uhtred will swear at him.

It was amusing catching Peter Jackson’s cameo as he got whacked in the LOTR.

The message on the wind (a very powerful inner voice which is occasionally correct)  is irritating the crap out of me right now. I’m getting consistent messages to a) get a dog b) get a kitten. I am not doing either of those things, jeez Louise.

Buster and the rest of our household are still sad, but we’re not freaking out any more and the possibility of contentment once again exists in mental outlook.

Keith is off to Victoria this week and I’m very very happy he’s going. It is wonderful to have family to visit.

I was going to rant about various things but I’m feeling too peaceful. This is a good sign.