At the end of the meal Keith was presented with a little plate of custard cakes with Congratulations written in chocolate at the top and he just melted.

Paul and I started with the heritage tomato salad. IT WAS FANTASTIC except for the only truly purple tomatoes I’ve ever seen, which tasted like pulpy watery dirt.  I looked everywhere on the internet and I don’t think they were Cherokee Purples (a white guy named them of course) …After the explosion of flavour – there was this mushy seedless one which sounds disgusting but to me was the best tasting tomato I ever et and they made the most of the mushiness by parking the firmer tomatoes on top – the purple tomatoes were a distinct let down but having the human garburetor on board meant that nothing was wasted. I picked basil from that outta my teeth this morning damn.

Paul had the bouillabaisse. I ordered the pan-fried scallops as a side for my 9 oz filet and since the bouillabaisse had no scallops tossed one into his bowl and one onto Keith’s plate for good measure – he sure eats more kinds of food than he used to. Alex’s mama awaits that day longingly. Keith devouring a scallop, who knew.

Keith had a 14 oz steak with veggies (a substantial portion of which he took home).

Paul ordered the baked Alaska and was really disappointed because he hasn’t had it in fifty years and it sucked but he manfully ate it. Keith gave up halfway through this but he was already stuffed. They had three and two drinks apiece; I stuck with Shirley Temple, since they make the most fucking fantastic one I’ve had since I quit drinking. (Note to world. I have had two beers in the last two weeks, and my liver woke up and gave me that weird feeling again, so I’m pounding fibre and probiotics. And reminding myself that it’s like many other things I’ve given up – in the end it’s all gonna be fine, I just need to find that new nermal.)

Keith was exhausted from work but picked up nicely during the meal. He needs the best possible respiratory protection, although this new lab has good ventilation.

Spent about 2 hours over the meal, and apart from a couple of conversational bobbles which I have vented about elsewhere, it was fantastic and I came home with a big smile on my face.

TONIGHT – ALEX. I may stay over. I may not. Snuggling with Alex on the sofa in the morning as he tries to drag his brain into partnership with his body has a charm of its own.

SHIT must remember to take my laptop as he has TWICE REQUESTED Iceland pics and I have twice forgotted.

I’m trying to stay off social media. 49387 HOTM



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