RIP Harlan Ellison

Feud-prone, brilliant, and pragmatic as well as hyper-vigilant in defending his writing gifts.
A classic example of a problematic feminist.
Everyone in my family will mourn him, especially my parents, for whom he was a contemporary.
The man who wrote The Glass Teat is dead.



later…. WOW A LOT OF PEOPLE IN FANDOM ARE PISSING ON HIS GRAVE. “I grew up in fandom over the last 20 years and the only thing he ever did of note was grab Connie Willis by the tit at worldcon so screw him and I’m never reading anything he wrote or edited.”


USUALLY WE TAKE TWO HUNDRED YEARS TO GET TO THAT ATTITUDE WITH ‘great writers’ but now I predict that in a few years he’ll disappear from sf canon, except for Star Trek, the only place for sure he’ll stay peppy.


meanwhile people like adam-troy castro and patton oswalt are beating their breasts on twitter because they knew him personally  and yeah I get that.

I love difficult people too.

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