an extremely memorable day

whales in the Salish Sea

humpback whales

I sat it out, to save seats, and my poor tired corpus, amused at how the vessel shifted slightly as roughly half of the passengers streamed to the bow

Alex let me put a scrunchy in his hair. I put it on so his slightest tug could pull it out. He lived with it a while, I pulled it off when he complained. I told him that it got his hair off his neck, and that he could feel the air on the back of his neck now, which made him turn his head from side to side quite rapidly like a little automaton, an image I’m not likely to lose anytime soon. About thirty seconds later, maybe less, he wanted it off. His mom got it back on another couple of times, but he’s using GRANDMA POWER by preferentially favouring me over his mother as a way of contesting wills with her. Which his mamabear took with grace and no more than an amused grimace for comment.

We saw about a gazillion lizards (I saw three) out front of the Butterfly House. They are introduced and a direct competitor of a local lizard (although they may share a hibernaculum with the Northwestern Alligator Lizard in at least one location so I am informed by Reptiles of BC.) We had a lovely lovely meal at Sassy’s. We had an uneventful trip home, except as above noted.

I wore a bra, my pale magenta eshakti dress, cotton granny pants, my pink blue and black tie dye tights, & my hair in a black scrunchie, to court my queer platonic parrot.

Little E was busy eating (as he ate little clouds of powder swirled around his face, a most unusual special effect) and partly for this reason did not respond as hoped to my courtship greeting. I bowed and bobbed to him a couple of times and he eyed me speculatively but without postural indication of interest, since some witless motherfucker started making of all things chicken noises at him and he shifted his attention from me to WMF with the clearest posture of disdain one could imagine.

Leaving him to his feckless audience, I turned to say hi to someone else and learned that he’d swooped to the floor to land half a metre from my feet. I greeted him, slowly put my hand to the floor and slowly rose, as he climbed up me. He groomed me to a faretheewell (Buster’s interest in my face when I got home was pretty funny – chin, lips and cheek, same same like Little E).

Many thanks to the fOlks for sponsoring my beautiful weekend. I feel much restored.

My weighted blanket is here, I slept like a log, I felt so good I got up and went to Timmy Ho’s for me and Jeff.


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