Brekky at Planet Bachelor

It was a brief and calorific visit! Alex was in fine form; Katie made breakfast muffins with particularly fine back bacon and also chocolate pancakes. There was fresh fruit as well … all very nom.

Columbus the slug* in Jeff’s bathroom is no more. He lived there for at least two weeks. We have no idea why he came to live with us and why he liked that bathmat so much, but like Edward Scissorhands the pseudoscorpion who showed up on the groceries in Montreal one day, Columbus will be remembered fondly for his brief sojourn among us.

It’s reported that Indigenous people of the PNW used to use slug slime as an anti bacterial and anti fungal, since it actually works that way. For all I know they still do.

An antifa activist in Portland, Sean Kealiher, was murdered with a car, likely by fascists, outside an antifa hangount. REST IN POWER SEAN.


* I didn’t name him, and note what day this is in the US


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