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1:56 PM · Oct 19, 2019·Twitter for Android

As a coder 30 years ago who took her knitting to meetings I’d remind anyone who listened “knitting is coding and there’s nothing more binary than knit/purl so go ahead – I’ll listen and code at the same time and if you blather on too long this will be the only project delivered”.

I spent almost two hundred dollars on items to be picked up at VCON (the sf convention) – and VCON was cancelled. I’ve messaged them. I had just gotten my refund and I was a little giddy, I guess.

I practiced so much in the last few days my callouses are peeling off. Time to police them up.

Kids are coming for brekky today. I’m going to try to sleep for another couple of hours and then get up and mek coffeh.

JANUARY 23RD 2020 messaged them fuckers again

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