long walk

Yesterday Paul and I walked from Geekhaus to the Tommy Douglas Library the long way so it was almost 4 km on concrete. But… all on the flat, a total consideration these days.

we sat on a bench outside Edmonds Pool outbound

Oh, I forgot the funniest thing. This consistently happens when I’m trying to tell a story. We saw the same bicycle cop five times as we were walking. He must have literally been cycling up and down every street and alley in a certain zone, and we met him repeatedly as we crossed his criss-crossing path.

We picked up some bread and treats at the bakery on Edmonds, I picked up some SF and post-apocalyptic skills books (dyeing) at the library, and I got a flu shot.

No writing yesterday.

Funny picture.

several hours later: Jeff snores like a sea monster expiring on a beach; crescendos of pneumatic exhalation followed by silence.

This made me pee myself I wish I was joking sigh.

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