Paul and I went for a mall walk at Lougheed Mall yesterday, picked up some groceries and growled at the weather. We have been noticing that Vancouver, which is ten different weather patterns jammed into 30000 square kms, is having more and more abrupt microdownpours (including in the summer, which, mindmeltingly for people from Ontario, doesn’t usually happen in the summer here.) We got thunder and Jeff said (he was in Surrey) the sky opened up and pelting, icy rain poured down. It was a very black sky, and a very pretty sunset.

Ran the dishwasher, ran a load of laundry, updated the household account, ordered some activated charcoal bags for Katie’s car (it’s smelly) and also for the basement, since we’re coming up to the wet and mouldy part of the year and I’d like to kill the smell now if possible

Anyway, I’m up, and coffee has been going to happen and now has actually happened; I have sugar and cream; the day has commenced.

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