pretty much recovered

my flu shot’s been making my arm too sore to sleep on, (even last night) so I’m awake too early.

But the sun was GLORIOUS yesterday so we got our asses off the couch and walked to 7/11 for milk and treats. pOp’s another year older so we called him to tell him how old he is and his response was a variation on ‘I got out of bed this morning, thank you’ but it gave Jeff a chance to catch them up.

I’m really enjoying S2 Kominsky method. After Romancing the Stone, catching up to Kathleen Turner, fine and fat and utterly unconcerned about it, acting as Kominsky’s (Michael Douglas) ex-wife (their exchange of blistering but dryly delivered insults was ai yi)  was one of the best things about the last episode. Also cuddles.

Buster is not happy about not going outside; he stands at the door and stares and stares and stares.

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