bless the Spaniards

The Spanish, because their public health people are a) funded and b) adequately fixed for cerebration have started autopsying folks what died of Pneumonia of unknown origin and guess what, the first person to die of Coronavirus in Spain was February 13, a 69 year old man who had recently flown in from Nepal.

In consequence of this they know what iteration of the virus is circulating and have a long list of folks to contact, the way you’re supposed to.

Whereas in the US, 45 says everything’s cool and his son is organizing a donor meet at Mar-a-Lago in August, at which I hope the Masque of the Red Fucking Death shows up (hat tip to Bae’d Runner on twitter for that).

Please don’t say that the coronavirus will only kill the elderly and disabled. My best people are elderly and disabled.

I’m taking Jeff out to brekky this morning and then we will do a small shop.