Grocery and holy shit

Grocery shopping done. Toilet paper continues to be available in serried rows in New Westminster; frozen vegetable section looks like bears been at it.

have you ever SEEN such wanton nonchalance!!!? imagine not going buck wild over asswipe


Okay, let’s explain the chart


In KOR they test, test, test, in Italy they only test the symptomatic

so in IT they weren’t quarantining the 1/4 of 20-29 year old people who have it but are asymptomatic. See that big tall spike? it’s the same illness, there’s not enough mutation yet not to be…. so four percent of all of the people in Italy aged 20-19 get coronovirus with symptoms bad enough to warrant testing, but a quarter of them are positive…. fuck sticks!!! we should be telling Millennials not to participate in mixed age events……..

Staying home, minding business

Right now it’s my allergies that are driving me crazy. They normally give me a headache and sore sinuses and a headache is one of the first symptoms of you know what, so I’m on edge even though my dry itchy eyes are because of tree sex.

Jeff has provided me with some lotion; the handwashing has given me eczema on the backs of my hands.

252 cases in Canada, 156,400 confirmed globally as of the CSSE map at 5 am PST, which map I’ve been watching since it was around 18000, from my room at the Conflikt 13 hotel. Worrying. Knowing that this was coming.

Not knowing that the Chinese knew what the fuck they were doing, and were dealing with it with science, politics and the eagerness of the Chinese populace to do what the hell they were told. With some exceptions.

I may go out and get food today. Jeff doesn’t mind my baked goods, but I don’t make candy bars and Cheetos.