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But first, a pink fairy armadillo

Virtually everyone in my novels is suffering from a major mental illness, I only just realized that now, and alien hero George veers between coldly civil rationality/urbanity, and florid, bug-eyed, narcissistic, consensus-reality-evasion.

Well, he didn’t start off knowing that his bug-eyed crazy mother had DRUGGED HIM and his mate-to-be, to sequester them so they couldn’t breed with anyone else. Or that he had two occult siblings living inside him, only one of whom he could actually communicate with, and that poorly. And he went wackdoodle IN SPACE when they left him; and then his mate shoved him out the airlock in the equivalent of a rhinohide drop ship with a gumwad for a parachute.


Processed using calibrated polarized near-infrared (CB2, MT2) filtered images of Saturn taken by Cassini on November 17 2012.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/CICLOPS/Kevin M. Gill from twitter today


shift start

one of the people I follow on twitter just posted that her ER nursing shift in a major American city (she doesn’t specify)  started with three COVID-19 cardiac arrests (deaths)

The great dying has started.

allocation of resources in a time of plague

which inevitably looks like eugenics – disability twitter is watching the approach of death with narrowed eyes and one last curse for the Republicans

In Florida alone half a million will be sick by the end of April. Guns, crappy info from Fox and worse info from Trump will make it all incredibly worse and no help is coming.

No help is coming. The Americans who aren’t in the health care system already as workers don’t know that. There’s not enough supplies.

It all started with Reagan.

Remember on his watch it was okay to let thousands of Americans die of HIV.

In Canada we’re going to have the same issue, but it will take longer because we’re a bigger country relative to our population, but eventually almost everyone will get sick. Yes, Canada’s working on a vaccine. Yes, I bless the people who have already volunteered for vaccinations. But no, we’ve got a year of hell in front of us.

I have a very mild fever again, like I did a couple of days ago, and my eyes feel sandy. No breathing problems at all, no congestion; could still be allergies, could be a mild case.  I’m no longer leaving the house; Jeff has to for work, although not much.

In after times will people be angry with me that I wanted to catch it early in the outbreak? I want to be immune so I can actually help people instead of being stuck in my fucking house.

Mike gets out of quarantine next Monday.

As I suspected they will be using SOAP Hall (Beacon rental location) as a place to stage the sick for RCH before they need intubation or supplemental oxygen.

Prince Chuck has caught it but if he’s like the rest of Royal Family he’s got the fucking immune system of a water buffalo and will sail through it.


and I’m still writing fanfic. There are hugs and possibilities and smooches and complications.