6.7 times sillier

You’ll see.

John Cleese, genius of physical comedy!

Rewatched Contagion yesterday. Remarkably prescient and science oriented for a work of fiction.

I had my mammogram yesterday, we’ll get results in 2-3 weeks. To treat myself I went to a Japanese restaurant, Kiku, and oh my god their sushi is so much better than our local I nearly screeched in ecstasy while I was eating it.

You can’t socially distance yourself from somebody jammin’ yer tit in between two sides of a vice….

The latest Capilano review is FANTASTIC, as always, there’s a series of photographs that’s pure fire and also BEAU DICK‘S MASKS omg omg omg they are so frickin gorgeous and … anyway…..

Coughing in public is considered gauche now.