still giggling

so…. Dave and I were missing each other on Skype and finally we connected. I spent… it feels like I spent the first ten minutes of the call going On and fucking On, as one does, about how intelligent Buster is.

Mookie, Dave’s cat, promptly got up on the back of his chair, put two paws up on the bookshelf, and then, delicate, delicate, delicately extended one claw AND YOINKED DAVE’S WATER GLASS OVER. It didn’t break but Dave had to get up and get a towel. I got to watch the whole thing and instead of doing anything useful like warning Dave I screamed with laughter because I am, not to put too fine a point on it, a total weeb.

Then he jammed his hairy little face into the camera and for one brief second I thought I was disappearing into a tiger’s maw.

There are no eggs in Toronto, at least not for delivery.



lovely walk with Peggy

I took my picker upper that RenĂ©e gave me (she turned 80 on Earth Day, god love her) when I broke my shoulder in 2013, and picked up all the plastic trash blown into the yard. Then I picked up trash in the Hilda Avenue (not street ha ha) park while walking slowly around and around the park. Much dog shit, but without PPE and a paycheque ain’t picking that up, sorry. Returned to my place with half a bag of trash and the warm tummy feeling of a conversation with a friend.

Mental health, it’s tough. But it’s easier with Peggy around. I wore my white cloth mask, she wore her N95 respirator mask that Tom had lying around.


I follow so many people on twitter – approximately 500 – that it’s always wild when I know one in really-for-truly real life.

This is Benjamin Luk: a hard working and thrifty bon vivant who has several income streams but is also a wedding photographer, when the social climate permits.

He posted this.


I’ve met him twice IRL, and he’s utterly charming.

Impossible pie

I have here, in Sue Gillespie’s handwriting, a receipt for Impossible Pie.

4 eggs
1/4 cup margarine
1/4 cup white sugar
1/2 cup flour
1/4 tsp salt
2 cups milk
1 cup feather strip coconut
1 tsp vanilla

blend ingredients in blender
pour into 10 inch greased deep pie dish
sprinkle with coarsely chopped pecans
bake at 350F for an hour

Only someone who’s a destiel / SPN fan will get this

found this on the bpdfamily dot com website and I AM HOWLING


IT’S LIKE ALL MY FANFIC CAME TO LIFE. All my fanfic is about hot guys navigating their way toward sex while negotiating life partnership agreements BECAUSE THE REUNIFICATION OF THE COUPLE AFTER DUMBASSERY dadgum HAPPENED AGAIN, did you miss it, sorry, (furtive sounds that might be regret) anyway it’s all a bog standard thing, but I’ve been hit by that lightning a few times and it isn’t difficult for me to recreate the hopeful, lustful feeling of anticipation tinged with panic that is the beginning of a returned interest.

anyway, it’s a stupid subset of a ludicrous fandom, and be happy I’m not more locavore about it, I could have been haunting locations all this time, as if my feet would let me. Although I suppose in those hiking boots I bought for Iceland… why do I go there.

You see how lonely people can get to thinking sour thoughts with all the angry voices boinging around with them in their cells, and slowly start to go off the rails.

I’m not lonely, I talked to Mike and Tammy today.

You gotta hustle when your friends live in different time zones. Tammy lives in Toronto, Mike has this timezone called ‘work’ and it is filed under my ‘amorphous blob of time zones’ theory.

I am supposed to make more masks.


Martha Wells writes Murderbot stories; I think both mOm and pOp would enjoy them. Fast paced, space-based ‘wholly-owned planets’ kinda stuff; Murderbot is a self-actualized Security Unit, partly human based and the rest? layers of mayhem, hacking other bots and secsystems and badassery, but ALL IT REALLY WANTS is to hole up in a cubby and watch its serial, Sanctuary Moon. Which it does, when it’s not rescuing hapless civilians, blowing holes in Large Dangerous Indigenous Fauna, swapping armor with enemy units for a RUSE, and taking over the external sensors of petbots to figure out what the hell is going on down that corridor….

I have been downloading the prequels here.

Anyway I preordered the May 5 release of a Murderbot novel in e-format and I’m looking forward to it in ways you can’t imagine. Murderbot rules.

not a good day and it’s only just gone 7

(Clarification… my day got better, managed to come back from being a newt)

Yesterday wasn’t great but I got some stuff done, and today just feels like it’s started off on the wrong foot. Also the night before I got confused about whether I’d taken my bp meds or not. I think I probably did but worrying about it didn’t help.

I want to go to the library. That’s what set me off crying this morning. I want to go to the library and I can’t. I should probably be crying about not being able to hug Alex, or really anybody, but I’m pretty numb from being touch starved. I’m really happy that at least my kids are living with people who can hug them if they ask for it.

I am going to have some coffee and try to connect with people today…. I don’t feel lonely, but I do feel kind of shaky and needy.

healthcare workers in Harrisburg PA – CAN’T FIND CREDIT NOTICE




AAAAAND we left the house and got social distancing timmy ho’s and I had coffee and cream here already so we saved the money and we’re about to go blow our brains on ep 4 of the new Bosch season WHICH AS ALWAYS is fantastic. I ADORE TITUS WELLIVER, to me as Bosch he embodies much that is admirable in a contemporary man. (Great episode, AND I CALLED IT FIRST JEFFnose what I’m talm’bout)

and someone found a wind blowing at 200000 times the speed of an earthly hurricane, so whoosh to you too



in two months and a week we may have peas. I have finally planted something. Moar later (day sign card ACE OF PENTACLES literally the planting things card)

for the following link… content warning, plenty of references to shit but this made me howl. The fact that he has an accent MAKES IT FUNNIER