Tom’s back in hospital.

Yesterday I made a vegetarian dinner, ran and put away three loads of laundry, wrote 2400 words on a fanfic that I said was going to get shorter, practiced and didn’t nap. This resulted in me going to bed so early that I had to set my alarm to ensure that I didn’t sleep through taking my pill.

William Gillis on twitter this am:

Fascists don’t see nature as motherly and cities as masculine. They see nature as masculine (“red in the tooth & claw”, a return to savagery when men were men, etc), and cities as feminine (a degenerate, passive, overly complex focus on talking & mentality rather than action).



and now tea, Holy Crap cereal, and a little bit of an existential tremor as I contemplate how so many things can go wrong at once

not in my life, which remains delightfully quiet

two more days and I get to watch the Supernatural finale – I don’t know what to hope for and I’m staying as passive as I can about it. As I remarked to NorthernSparrow, we’ll always have fanfic.

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