Biden has been declared the winner

on twitter, about Kamala Harris I said

Desi Girls Rule


Given that she loves cops I probably shouldn’t have

I merely here ack my inner fash.


Trump Pence and Ivanka shipped off to the “Phantom Zone” like Zod from Superman

what the brazilians and kurds think of the election:


Humour, bad but there it is:


More Start Rek humour:


shown above, Trump at the Trump National Golf course on November 7 2020 photo AP Patrick Semansky

ImagePic shown above hows Liberty peeking out from her plinth with “It’s okay it’s safe to come out now” as the tagline


also miss liberty:


This Gargalo cartoon shows Liberty slingshotting Trump with a large blue medical mask.


Live your life in such a way that the entire planet doesn’t dance in the streets when you lose your job.

Followed Trump long enough to take this snapshot from twitter, with the hilarious notations provided by twitter.

November 7 2020 twitter capture of @realDonaldTrump


who told him? He is having a narcissistic break. If you’ve ever seen it, it’s quite something. They have no more lies. They have no more ways to turn it around on you