Penrose tilings

I frequently repost mOm’s Penrose tiling comfort quilt

on social media. mOm secretly resents this but doesn’t complain because she’s not actually being injured also it gives me a thrill to see which of my friends likes it this time. I love how it’s mostly quite muted, but also BUSY.

Anyway, a whole documentary fan squee about Penrose tilings.

travel plans in a pandemic

Lockdown for the next two weeks.

I’m okay with that. We may travel when restrictions are lifted, more deets later.

Alex came over yesterday AND HE ADDED SOME ART TO MY MOTHER’S LETTER and she’s gonna asplode when she sees it. Katie took advantage of the fact that I had JUST SWEPT AND WASHED THE FLOOR and lay down on the floor. 1.5 seconds before she stretched out I gave her a mini yoga mat to keep her head off the floor. Moms do shit like that.

Still enjoying in retrospect my last conversation with Keith, which included Trigun. Which we’re three episodes into.

Tried Hi-5 chicken, it was okay but the opposite of fast food.

Raccoons in the house this morning, noisy until they left, Buster quite unhappy but not calling us to assist so I am up early to post to my blog. I’ve asked my wifi to be turned off 4-7 am each morning and by gob it’s amazing how many more letters I write and how much more I do in the morning now. Letter mailed yesterday to Tom L and mOm. Who shall I write to this am?