Tom’s coming home

How providential. Much labour from Peggy of course.

I have a master list of groceries and I just transferred six weeks of grocery lists over so the gaps were all filled in with … stuff that we eat in 2020 as opposed to the ramen and KD I was buying non stop 25 years ago….. Anyway, it was an interesting exercise, and I have to do it anyway, changing the list so there are no treats and fewer items which are now forbidden by the Congress of Kidneys, Liver, Pancreas and Digestive Tract.


two letters off today, a 2 pager off to Tom and a 2 pager off to mOm. Almost mailed my bank card off too, but

Paul has called wanting to go for a walk. I already mailed things and I’m enjoying a little patch of sun warming this corner of the world up so I’m resisting, resisting.

I wonder when Buster will scoot his ass across the kitchen rugs, now they’re nice and clean….