A good laugh

I’m laughing my ass off having learned that the number one song the week I was likely conceived was “Don’t” and the number one movie was “Old Yeller” (born during year of the dog).

Laughed even harder when I realized that Jeff’s are probably “Mack the Knife” and “Pillow Talk.”

I was singing the one line of the chorus to “When the Buzzards Return to Hinckley Ridge” that I know to myself this morning, and then one of my IRL friends put Ruth Buzzi into my twitter feed.  weeeerd.


the happiness I experience when people trust me is quite disproportionate

Don’t you weep

You can trust me to write a cynical song about domestic violence.

CW: Woman on man domestic violence, treating a partner like property

please note I’m including the verse about cops for historical accuracy; I’m no longer of the opinion that the police should be called for domestic violence and welcome anyone changing the lyrics in any fashion anyway

the song doesn’t suffer much if you omit that second last verse, so

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