Prince Philip isn’t dead

I announced his death on my blog but it was just wishful thinking.

He’s probably got many minutes of rich life left in him.

I very much enjoyed having home made mac and cheese for breakfast.

I need to spread the joy of biscotti this am.

700 words on UPSUN

I have a doc’s appointment for my prescription renewal tomorrow, and I have called the clinic to confirm my scan appointment. I won’t get a call back unless they’re confused about something.

Three of Swords

My heart’s been broken through the years
I’ve mended it with my own tears
and tears can be a kind of glue
when they’re raining down the simple truth
I own me and I do not own you
I own only me and I don’t own you
Candles bless my tired eyes
and as I watch the bubbles rise
in every perfect mirror see
my struggle looking back at me
the heart that I am breaking is my own
the heart that I am breaking is my own
Close the door to be alone
can I see you and be still as stone
your bright eyes and your brighter mind
hold sentiments no more than kind
the heart that I am breaking is my own
Doing well and doing good
are hard enough it’s understood
that when aren’t the type to lie
you have to find a place to hide
no place of refuge can be right
if I can’t be in your arms tonight
The heart that I am breaking is my own

that’s Gord Breckenridge on piano