creeping up to graphomania again

first 2500 word day in quite a while over the last 24 IT’S THE SUNSHINE

Paul and I walked at the Quay yesterday. I watched a toddler dance for 20 minutes to banjo music and we walked the entire west side from the Colonizing Tin Bastard to the place where a crow gave a lecture to a bunch of starlings. Never seen anything quite like it, colloquy lasted a while. Also got circle buzzed by a hummingbird, never had that happen before; Paul enjoyed it too.

today I decided to rehearse as if I was giving a mini concert, and back to back I did my best ever versions of the Gelis and Nicholas song and then the best ever version of The Friend Who Gave Me This Ukelele and then I did maybe my third best ever version of Alexios. Then I blew very loud into a kazoo while realizing that the song I was blowing to bits was one that wasn’t actually on my list yet.

Also I can’t find the lyrics for that song. I’m going to try to find it in my blog but it might have been too personal, so I’m considering the lyrics lost for now. October 13 2015. I can remember writing it very clearly, knowing where I was, but I think I wrote it on guitar and when I played it just now it was on octave mandolin and I couldn’t remember any of the lyrics so I just blew it into a kazoo which probably bugged the living shit out of Jeff if he heard any of it. It really helped me EXPRESS MY FEELINGS though.

Jeff went out for Ratlands this morning, and it was the best coffee I’ve ever had from McDonalds. My blood is SINGING WITH BEANS.

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