The Road to Albyn HAPPY SPRING

Lyrics are copyright, from page 147 of the Dunnetts’ The Scottish Highlands. I’d really like to work up harmonies for this but I can’t get Audacity to behave and unfortunately the forums say my Mac is too elderly to cope with what I want to do. Fuck computers anyway, let’s vamoose and go walking in Albyn. (A Gaelic word for Scotland.)

IT’S so WEIRD posting this and knowing that my calm, orderly, productive state of mind as it is currently on a Monday morning in February will be completely different when I next see this. And given that I’m 62 and multiply blessed with Complete Failure to Exercise and Complete Failure to Stop Eating Junk, who knows whether I’ll even make it that long.

I did make it that long. 

herewith, a picture of my face when Jeff announced he was getting pizza yesterday (and wings)

Seal babby eyes


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