Started the Time Team rewatch. I’m marking down all the times there’s casual sexism or something out of character happens. If we eat Tim Horton’s while watching Time Team we eat the first e and call it Tim Team. Ha ha we’re so funny.

I’m sadly waiting for my mother to comment on the last stuff I sent her. I really shouldn’t bug her because she gave birth to me and helped me get old enough to go off on my own, but I have hopes anyway.

I am rapidly running out of pre-posted songs, but am waiting for the mental energy to do something about it. Posting all my songs has really put me in touch with how I am a really good songwriter and an absolutely crappy singer and instrumentalist, so my enthusiasm for the project has died almost completely. If you want me to keep going, and you’re not my mother, now would be a good time to tell me, because honestly? posterity would be better served by me shutting my mouth and just forwarding people sheet music that they can interpret however the hell they want. Let’s just say I am very heartily sick of the sound of my own voice. HA HA. Let the narcissism come down.

Piers Morgan is an oversensitive peckerhead with delusions of adequacy. His treatment of Meghan Markle is unconscionable. He’s acting like a spurned lover. What a fucking creep.

Called Prince Philip dying soon on the first, but he was ninety-nine, it wasn’t rocket science.

Seen on twitter from @raincoaster “A great day to cut COVID deniers out of your will” mmmm good thing I don’t have to.

I had a sincerely pointless interaction with a gay journalist this week. Telling a white Canadian editor that their platform isn’t doing enough to support Indigenous LGBTQ2S journalists in telling their own stories is — I guess — fucking pointless, but at least now I know and have the receipt.

After the pandemic is ‘officially’ over I’m still going to be wearing a cloth mask to shop, to any tourist trap that is likely to have recent travellers from respiratory illness hotspots or houses animals of any description, to travel on the ferry or through airports and via airplanes (if I ever fly again, a good question), in grocery stores and malls, to stand in line to renew my licence, to visit a doctor’s office, and go to a concert. I will be carrying my own sanitizer goo and a spare sealed medical mask at all times. I won’t be wearing them for walks outdoors

I freely admit that I did not stop going to restaurants during the pandemic. But I will definitely be ordering takeout and only going to restaurants that have really good ventilation and adequately pay their servers.

@AECheckly on twitter “Centering ourselves means that instead of truly listening to someone’s experience, we derail or challenge the conversation by sharing our own. This harmful refocusing is always unsolicited and is an attempt to protect our privilege and make ourselves feel comfortable.” This in response to a man saying that nobody can make him feel guilty about staring at an attractive woman.

Also, with respect to Indigenous and Black women I KEEP DOING THIS MYSELF and it’s A FAILING OF MORAL EMPATHY

Meanwhile in Brazil a dog walked into a vet’s office and collapsed. It had a cut in one paw and a tumor. The vet is treating it at no charge and will likely find a forever home for the animal. Is it my imagination or is the global intelligence level of ‘mute animals’ rising???

Buster caught a treat midair with one paw this morning and ate it without it ever touching the ground. I’m not going to tie myself in knots trying to describe it, but it was epic and I’m still not a hundred percent sure how he accomplished it.


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