I am comfortably lazy

So much so that I’m wondering why I agreed to a father’s day hike with Paul. It’s supposed to be unbelievably hot today and I am still in spring mode.

Yesterday Jeff and I ate in a restaurant (last time we went out we ate outside) at IHOP and said HI to Lorna since it’s been a year and then we ran some errands since the ants are back and we needed ant traps.

I’ve been opening Scrivener files that aren’t finished and fixing typos and sentences in a desultory way.

We’re watching an Icelandic supernatural noir called Katla. It’s very creepy, without being full of jump scares, which I loathe.

I get my molar crown stuck on tomorrow.

Today I think I’m going to make a big pot of spaghetti.

It’s possible this mood is migraine related. I just feel kind of stunned and obtunded.

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