I have a toof

FINALLY got the crown installed. My fucking credit card barfed (after I was assured by TD that it worked fine) and my daily limit wasn’t enough to pay on the debit so I have to go back today and pay the rest. The tooth itself is fantastic and they were so embarrassed they gave me a 10 percent discount. Given that I’ve been given money by my parents to pay for this let me assure you both I will spend the difference foolishly on Keith’s BirthDay Prezzies.

I have quite a shopping expedition to do today. Keith wants cooking stuff and I am requiring a few items here and there.

2400 words of fanfic yesterday. I have literally not felt like writing in ages and boom, there it was. I’ve also been editing the Roommate section of Honey on the Moon.

Pizza for breakfast, gotta make more ice tea for Jeff… maybe breakfast?