What a world

Gunshots at a MLB game; flooding in Germany so bad it looked like a tsunami came through the mountains; Myanmar in tatters as the junta ignores the populace and there’s no PPE or oxygen; Horgan the Organ ‘partners’ with Shell to make a climate change research institute less than two weeks after Lytton burns down; most of N SK is on fire; noted disability rights organizer kills herself in despair and the mainstream media interview her abuser as if there’s no evil connection between the two; Cheetos factory workers AREN’T ALLOWED TO STOP THE LINE when people die of heart attacks in the heat and are striking, so please don’t eat Frito-Lays or Pepsi products for the foreseeable future!; LAPD has today been firing ‘non-lethal’ rounds point blank into peaceful protesters; VPD is FINALLY investigating those two fucking pigs who arrested the Indigenous grandad and his granddaughter as they were about their legitimate business at a bank downtown; HARSHA WALIA WAS FORCED TO RESIGN FROM THE BCCLA i am SO FUCKING MAD ABOUT THIS the BCCLA will NEVER see another dime from me, they can kiss my ass, I can’t believe I marched in Pride with them witless mofos; and I got 700 karma points and my first Reddit gold and platinum for a comment I made about a women’s issue.

I’m still tired from the blood donation.


I dood it

I dood it! I went into town on the bus and got my Visa card straightened out, and a temporary pass code for my banking, and got envelopes, and more flash drives to transfer stuff back and forth between here and Caspell Junction, and Yet Another Cloth Mask in bisexual pride colours (that was probably not the intention of the manufacturer lol) and a whole bunch more pens and sticky notes and also rice paper for Vietnamese style sandwiches.

I checked in at the library for my book on hold and to enquire about my library fines. They’ve cancelled fines at New West Library, can you credit it?

Anyway, people were wearing masks, for the most part, even men, so I guess the message got through, and I managed NOT to go into Walmart, so go me. Was tempted to order a DQ burger and also a smokey outside the library but I decided to go home and ask Jeff if he wanted takeout. I was thinking a burger and a shake and wandered into Jeff’s room to suggest it and he smiled and nodded. Burger Den yes. Now I owe him because I couldn’t actually get my credit card to work on Skip the Dishes. All that going into town for nothing.

Tornado (again) in Barrie.

I’ve got insomnia again, woke at midnight after going to sleep at 8.