slow day

Despite this we found a new burger place called Burger Den on Kingsway and they make good old fashioned burgers and the most insanely good fried potatoes (crinkle cut lengthwise) either of us have eaten since the last time Jarmo cooked some up for us, and that my friends was a while back. Got delivery.

Two loads of laundry washed and put away, emptied and reloaded dishwasher, brushed my teeths, couple hundred words on the fanfic, practiced some, made a tuna salad. Paul called for a walk but I’m feeling feverish off and on.

lovely meal

I called Keith to ask him when it would be convenient to take over his birthday presents (three different sizes of baking pan, a new paring knife and precut parchment paper (he uses it a lot for baked meals)) and his response was to invite me and Jeff over for almond crusted chicken, savoury whipped sweet potatoes and green beans. Meat and two veg, how restorative. Keith was quite appreciative of the gifts.

We picked up a tiramisu loaf from Langley Farm Market and proceeded over there. Both of us have been avoiding rush hour traffic so it was a lot like the front gate of hell, trying to get down 10th Ave yesterday at quarter to six. Fortunately we deked north onto 2nd instead of going all the way to Cumberland. Katie and Alex came out to say hi and we sat and ate a family meal at Leo M.’s old kitchen table, and man…. that was good. In attendance kMike, Keith, Kate, Alex (he didn’t eat), Paul, me and Jeff.

There’s some talk of Jeff going to Victoria; pisses me off that they won’t let us stay in our cars. I’ll be here with Buster boy.