wotta meal

four perfect things:

seared ahi tuna

homemade wasabi sauce

pan seared yellow peppers

thai rice with a macédoine of vegetables

Plated beautifully and served red hot.

Plus nearbeer and some OG Kush


THEN I slept in until 8:30. Mike bought a weighted blanket. I’ve had coffee and I think eggs are happening and life in the eyrie is once again glorious.

land ack

For the waters, skies and lands of sohl temexw I give thanks; for the people and creatures and the rivergrass; for the eagles and herons and ducks; for everything that moves in its own life, I give thanks; for the ancestors of all the salish peoples who shared its bounty and their children who rise, I give thanks, for the rocks which seem permanent and are not, I give thanks, and I offer my gratitude in the brilliant morning for the privilege of walking and flying and rolling and paddling here.