little birdies

The nesting pair of Great Blue Herons was at Fraser Foreshore Park today; they went to their usual haunts and one of them yelled at the water for a while for reasons that were completely opaque to me and Paul. We saw what I believe was a Pacific wren trot at a great rate of knots across the trail. I fed the last of the unsalted roasted peanuts to the crows, and glad they were of it.

It was almost too hot to walk, but in the shelter of the cottonwoods it was deliciously cool.

No other critters…. it’s starting to get to be the quiet part of the year, the male birds aren’t singing as much. But even when we see nothing, this guy sees lots.

happy family news

Paul got a job! he’s working part time for the thrift store around the corner from us both here in East Burnaby. I had the Sudden Strong Urge to phone Keith (I try to ask if he’s got 15 minutes and tell him I don’t have an agenda at the beginning of the call so he can pace himself, I think I remembered that last night) and among other news, I gleaned that. I am thrilled. We talked about sleep hygiene and how he’s adjusting his cooking style to suit his housemates, which is also happy making news.

I am well rested and in a good mood, maybe I’ll get my executive dysfunction whipped into something like a shape and get something done today.